Flum Wafer Dragon Grape Disposable Review

Flum Wafer Dragon Grape Disposable Review

Flum Wafer Dragon Grape a new redesigned disposable called the Wafer. This circle device has a capacity of up to 1600 textured puffs and holds 5ml of pre-filled e-liquid.

Enjoy a variety of incredible flavors and a powerful vapor experience without the need for charging or pod swapping. The ten remarkable flavors include: Aloe Grape – A crazy blend of aloe vera and grapes that beats many other flavors, Banana Ice – A bombardment of classic banana flavor with a light mint cooling sensation, Cool Mint – Beat the stress heat with the powerful and real blast of icy mint.

Aloe Grape

The luscious taste of ripe grapes paired with a delicate note of aloe vera makes this an ideal flavour for vapers who crave a fruity experience. The IVG Aloe Grape Ice delivers a sweet flavour that is refreshing and tangy with every inhale. The exhale is a cool frost sensation that will leave your palate refreshed and cleansed.

Guava Ice

If you are in the mood for a delicious tropical fruit flavored vape juice with an ice cold menthol finish, try this refreshing and exotic Guava e-liquid. This flavor has been making waves and is available at select Specialised Vape Retailers only.

Banana Ice

A strong banana flavor meets a refreshing ice menthol. This is a solid option for those who enjoy banana vape juice but want to try something new with their vaping experience.

It’s not the most smooth vapor but the ice menthol does give a nice cooling sensation to the throat when inhaled. This is a good option for those who don’t like to get too much vapor but want a satisfying throat hit.

Cool Mint

Flum Wafer Disposable is an easy-to-use device that offers a great vaping experience with its rounded frame and integrated battery. It comes with a pod that holds a 5ml of vape juice, and the device can generate up to 1600 puffs.

The Cool Mint eJuice is perfect for those who are looking for an icy cool flavor.

Dragon Grape

This e-liquid brings together the amazing pairing of aloe and grapes to create a vapor sensation that is truly out of this world. With a light and smooth flavor that never gets old you’ll be vaping this one for a long time.

Dragon fruit’s spiky skin may be intimidating, but it’s actually quite easy to cut into and enjoy. A sharp knife and a cutting board are all you need to carve out the inedible seeds and flesh.