Suorin Air Bar Vape Mods

The Suorin Air Bar is the perfect box mod for vapers looking for a compact, portable, yet powerful vape device. With features such as a replaceable coil, a replaceable battery, and the ability to charge on a USB port, you can enjoy your favorite vaping experience with a little bit of extra room in your pocket.

Suorin Air Bar Lux

Compared to the original Air Bar, the new Air Bar Lux is more compact and comes with an improved airflow. This device has a built-in battery and offers a smooth, satisfying vape experience. It has a streamlined design that fits easily into your pocket or purse.

In addition to the compact size, this vape is available in a wide variety of flavors. You’ll find flavors such as Cool Mint, Strawberry Wafer Biscuit, and Tart Pineapple. They are ideal for anyone looking for a cigarette alternative that tastes good.

The Lux edition of the air bar offers increased airflow and a softer inhalation tip. This improves comfort and protection for your teeth.

The Lux edition also features a large 2.7mL liquid capacity and a sturdily built 500mAh internal battery. All of this makes the Air Bar Lux a perfect portable device for your on-the-go vaping needs.

One of the best features of the Air Bar Lux is its ability to provide you with a total of 1000 puffs. This is double the amount of hits offered by the original Air Bar. Also, the atomizer heat is absorbed by a cotton wick.

Another unique feature is the leak technology. Once the pen is filled with eliquid, it automatically activates to deliver a vape hit. While this is a great way to help smokers cut down on their cigarettes, it should be used responsibly.

Suorin Air Bar Vape Mods

Suorin Air Bar Diamond

The Suorin Air Bar Diamond is a new and improved vape device. It features a 380mah battery and a 1.8ml vape juice reservoir, allowing you to enjoy your favorite e-liquid for longer periods of time. Not only is the device convenient, but it’s also portable, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. Plus, you’ll find that it is a breeze to maintain. You can’t go wrong with the Air Bar Diamond.

As for its flavors, they’re all pretty tasty. For example, you’ll get a smooth fruity sensation when you inhale the air bar diamond. And while you’re at it, you’ll get a kick out of the 380mah battery, the 1.8ml vape juice reservoir, and the draw-activated firing mechanism.

One of the best parts of the Suorin Air Bar Diamond is that it is a disposable vape device, which means you can throw it away after a single use. Additionally, it’s made of the best material available, which is also why it’s so durable. So, if you’re on the hunt for an affordable and reliable electronic cigarette, this is your best bet. If you are looking to try out a brand new vape for the first time, consider the Suorin Air Bar Diamond. After all, it can make the perfect gift.

Suorin Air Bar Box

The Suorin Air Box is a compact vape device with an impressive 3000 puff count. It boasts an impressive battery life, making it one of the best disposable vapes on the market. It is also the first to feature a box-shaped design. This makes the device more compact and aesthetically pleasing.

Other features that the Suorin Air Bar is known for include a small but powerful battery, an airflow system that makes it a breeze to use, and an improved nicotine delivery system that will not disappoint. With 10ml of pre-filled tasty e-liquid, the Air Box is capable of delivering over 3000 puffs of vapor per minute. Moreover, this nifty little gadget is powered by a 1500mAh internal battery that can last for many hours on a single charge.

Aside from the Air Box’s impressive features, the device is also a great choice for those seeking a vape that offers portability and convenience. Furthermore, the Suorin Air Box boasts a plethora of flavors, allowing you to select the best suited e-juice for your needs. Plus, the device comes in an elegant 3.5 x 1.75″ reinforced aluminum container, so you can vape with confidence.

The Suorin Air Box also has a few other impressive features, including a USB-C rechargeable 650mAh battery. Moreover, it boasts a unique box-style design that makes it a pleasure to use. You’ll also find a number of different premium textures and colors to choose from.